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senior technology

Meetings, Luncheons and More 

Any luncheon or meeting is always more fun with a speaker. Let Deerfield Marketing customize a senior technology presentation targeted to your membership or seniors embracing technology.





Program Topics:

Grandma and Grandchild on mobile phone

 Keeping up with Your Grandchildren

Our basic senior technology class reveals the abbreviated text language your children and grandchildren are using. We will unmask the ease of using text abbreviations, and to learn how to send images/emojis. learn how to get out of group chats. and much more. All presented in a stress free, interactive environment. Sponsored by the Renaissance Academy and Florida Gulf State University.



Keeping Up with Your Grandchildren Part 2   Description Coming Soon!





senior on phone



Cable TV – Vs. Streaming – Are You Ready to Save Money and Cut the Cord

Description Coming Soon!






Classes for Senior Technology – Taught In An Interactive, Fun  Program

Our program help demystify technology and focus on teaching not how to use a phone, tablet or computer, but to use technology in the easiest way possible.   We believe that  giving real life examples of day to day activities and how to solve them.  Our goal is to help you use technology and learned in a relaxed, entertaining environment. 

Don’t forget to visit our Favorite Products section which makes it easy to find and purchase technology equipment and accessories from our site.

Senior-TechnologyCustomized Home Classes

Available for Groups of 10 or more. Grab a few friends and let’s get together for an hour of senior technology insights, tips and trips.





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