About Deerfield Marketing

business consultantWhether your business needs a one-time organizational tune up, you are pursuing a particular project like a marketing campaign, or you are looking to bring a small business consultant on board for an extended period, Deerfield Marketing can help.

Deerfield Marketing has many areas of experience and expertise, but one place where we truly excel is troubleshooting. To the skilled professionals that are a part of our team, the most important thing is making sure that we are helping our clients reach their professional goals. We are able to do that by taking some of the essential but time-consuming tasks that are part of running a small business off your hands.

As business consultants, we have the knowledge and the availability to provide services as diverse as phone calls to the credit bureau (even if it means waiting on hold), following up on insurance claims, or sending collections letters. As experts in marketing for small businesses, our services also extend to marketing help, online training and consultation, general small business advice, organization services, and specific technical assistance including web design of any kind, especially WordPress.

You know that each of these tasks is an important part of running a successful business, but they are likely not your passion. By passing them off to the specialists at Deerfield Marketing, you can free up more time to build your customer base, travel, and do the things you really want to be doing.

By taking advantage of Deerfield Marketing, you will get help with your business and personal projects, so that they are complete and you can use your time to grow your business, not push papers.

We work actively with clients around the country, and those located within 30 miles of Deerfield, Illinois are also welcome to schedule an in-office consultation. Contact us today!

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