Level the Playing Field

working mom with baby 

If you are a woman who has created your own business at home while also being a full time parent, you are a mompreneur! The growth of home-based businesses is on the rise and moms are leading the charge.

It’s not easy to balance your commitments of being a Mom with your professional ones. Your child doesn’t want to hear that you couldn’t attend his/her recital because you had an important presentation to make at work. And your client doesn’t want to hear that you will need to skip today’s important meeting because you daughter is going to be a snowflake at the winter recital. Who do you end up disappointing? It often seems like you’re taking turns at disappointing everybody!

In a May, 2009 speaking appearance at the annual meeting of the Corporate Voices for Working Families in Washington, First Lady, Michelle Obama, told the audience: “I personally… know the challenges of leading a busy life at work and at home, trying to do a good job at both — and always feeling like you’re not quite living up to either — and trying not to pit one against the other, really trying to balance it so that… I call myself a 120-percenter.” Mrs. Obama echoed the voice of many of us who strive to give 120% at being the perfect Mom, Wife, Grandma, Friend and Businesswoman! She received a laugh and a round of applause as she added, “I have a chief of staff and a personal assistant, and everyone needs that — that’s what we need,” “Everyone should have a chief of staff and a set of personal assistants.”

Today, Moms are discovering a new way to be able to be there for their children by taking full control of their work situation. This is established by creating creative and flexible careers that allow them to work from home. This resourceful pool of women is growing by leaps and bounds. They even have their own name – Mompreneurs. It is a great way for Moms to make money, express their creativity and keep their professional skills current, all while being home with their children. Many are calling themselves, WAHM’s, Work-at-Home-Mom.

What are some of these “work from home” jobs and how do you sign up?


EBay boasts close to 500 independent sellers. Many of these are moms who hit garage sales or take in free items and resell them on EBay. By charging “handling” charges, Mompreneurs are guaranteed a profit above and beyond any profit made on the sale of the item.
Many a mompreneur has gotten her start with a clever and practical invention, often an item that appeals to other Moms. There is even a special logo “Mom invented” to put on your product package. This is just another example of Moms wanting to help other Moms.

Some Moms prefer to use their work experience to launch successful freelance opportunities, such as writing, accounting, bookkeeping, or virtual assistants. Others may prefer to start something brand new, like selling Avon or Pampered Chef.

The main objective is to reinvent the way that you do business so that you can balance the requirements of your children with the needs of your business. The trick is to start small so that you can work around your children’s school schedules and nap times. As your business grows your children will become more independent.

Deerfield Marketing Associates, Inc. believes strongly in the concept of Mompreneuring. In fact, we’ve added a complete section to our website,, just for Mompreneurs. In this section you can read what new and experienced Mompreneurs are saying and share their experiences. Check out the Mompreneur section of and see what we’re so excited about.

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