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Tutoring and Computer Classes for Seniors


Computer Classes for Seniors –

Keeping Up With Your Grandchildren

These fun computer classes for seniors is are designed to teach you how to use the important, basic tasks on their smart phones, tablets and computers. Unlike most computer classes“Keeping up with Your Grandchildren” focuses on actual tasks such as Face Time, Skype, Sending a picture, opening and saving a picture, texting, saving contacts, using the calendar, and learning the language of Generation Z.

Our computer classes are specially designed classes for seniors, encourage participants  to begin using technology for everyday tasks, losing their tech fears, and surprising family and friends with their new skills. Please check below for current locations.

Question and answer time is a major part of  any computer class for seniors or any age group. The class is very interactive.Each participant receives a complete written overview of the class and section on “tips and tricks” for using what they learn.

Course Topics

  1. Why you need to throw away your fears and embrace technology
  2. Face Time and Skype – Using your tablet or phone to visit with your out of town family or business associates.
  3.  Apps, calendars, contacts and tasks
  4. What else do you want to know? Questions and Answers

We’d love to have you schedule or participate in our computer classes for seniors. Contact us today!

*Current lesson locations: Within 20 miles of Deerfield, Illinois or Naples, Florida. We will be adding other locations soon.

Five Quick Business Tips

Business TipsEasy to Use Business Tips

Below are five quick business tips for maximizing your time. Check back soon, we have a lot more!

  • Use Trusted, recommended websites.  If it doesn’t look right, don’t click.  Unethical vendors can seize your information and a lot more.
  • Hiring a professional is often “cheaper” than doing it yourself.  Here is one of the hardest business tips to implement. The learning curve on things you really don’t want to learn is high.  Consider having DMA create your next Event Invitation and stop wasting money on the copies you “mess up”!
  • Use trial programs.  Most software program offer free trials.  Take advantage of these to make sure that you need and want the program.  Download the trial version and read the fine print.  Many of the most popular programs simply notify you  that you must purchase the program at the end of a specific time period. You can then make your decision.  Others automatically bill you after a certain time.  If that is the case, mark your calendar to cancel the program before that date.  Sometimes, the thirty days were all you needed!
  • Use Microsoft Office Outlook as your Contact Manager for both Business and Personal Use. Add additional contact folders, customize layouts and create mail merges. Do not under utilize Outlook , start making it work for you, today!
  • Keep all your files in one place. Learn about the values of sites like Dropbox.

Need Help Learning to Use these Business Tips?  Contact Us, I will Teach You!

business consultant

Small Business Marketing Ideas and More

We Have Small Business Marketing Ideas

At Deerfield Marketing, our talents range from writing, to organization, to project management and computer setup and instruction. All supported by  hundreds of Small Business Marketing Ideas.

We also have a large network of experts to call on for graphic arts, photography, web site creation, logos and product branding.

  • Is it time for a new marketing approach?
  • Do you need help coordinating your club membership and fundraisers?
  • Are you planning a move?
  • Is your small or home office an organizational mess? We can help.
  • Are you looking for a personal concierge?
  • Freelance help is perfect for any small business that is not quite ready to hire another employee and eliminates the hassles of interviewing, payroll taxes and insurance.  Using phone, fax and email, we can support you without having to ever step foot inside your office or home.

When you give work to us, we work to support you in reaching you goals, freeing up time and energy and creating available time for an abundance of other things.

  • Is it time for a new marketing approach?
  • Do you need help coordinating club membership and fundraisers.
  • Are you planning a personal or business move?
  • Is your small or home office an organizational mess?
  • Are you looking for a personal concierge?
  • Press Release
  • Web Content
  • Graphics
  • Photography
  •  Web site Creation
  • Computer Instruction
  • Wedding Lists
  • Membership Lists
  • Project Management
  • Moving Organization
  • Business or Home Office Organization

If you need help with these or with any  Small Business Marketing Ideas, contact us.

Small Business Organization

Home Office Organization – What DMA Can Do For You

Learn Home Office Organization –

DMA Is a Home Based Business – It has been for over 30 years

After visit your home office or using  Skyping with you, we can can give you home office organization teach you business tips and tricks on how your business procedures can make or take money for your pocket.  

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Use your computer, phone or tablet
  • Update your software and add new
  • Work more efficiently by having a circle of productivity
  • Learn simple to ideas to use home office organization to increase profitability
  • WordPress website Design, Update and maintenance for most other website formats
  • Teach you the tips and tricks of customer service, the right way to get support and more


Deerfield Marketing

Client Website Questionaire

Custom Website Questionnaire

Getting started isn’t always easy.  Please read and respond to these questions to ensure that your custom website is exactly what you want.  In many cases, you might want to consult with your staff to make sure that everyone’s needs are met and to incorporate as many ideas as possible.




Please enter your current URL, if you have one. Even if you don’t have a website, you may have have a web host like Go Daddy or Networks Solutions. That will be your website name.


  • Example: Deerfield Marketing Associates – Making the Pieces Fit.



  • Who is your target audience? Please include as much information as you can.


Be sure to include all the services you offer.


Creating your sections or categories is a hard task. If you have trouble, contact us and we can do it together!

Note: Drop down menus are an add-in. Please contact us for a quote. Most basic websites don’t need them and they can be added at any time.


Please add the URL (site name) of any sites you like.

  • If you like or dislike a competitors site, please include your thoughts and the site’s URL.


    Please include colors you like or dislike.


    Your website logo needs to be in a vector format (.EPS or other).

If you do not have the original logo files, please check yes below. We will quote you to either to “recreate” your current logo or create a new one. Remember, your logo is your brand, your image and what your potential customers remember. Now’s the time to update that image!


This might include a form for your to send to yourself or your office. These requests are not covered in your basic price package and can be added at any time.


The more info you give us, the faster your site will be completed and, more importantly, you will have the look, feel and function you want.

Thank you for choosing Deerfield Marketing Associates for your website.  If you have any questions or need help, please contact or call 847.715.6613.

We hope to become a major part of your company’s success.


Activities Director

Activities Director Tech Classes for Seniors


Activities Directors Love Our Classes and So Do Their Members

I am very excited to share my ideas with the Activities Director community. I developed Deerfield Marketing’s fun classes for your community and other communities like you where the Activity Director is faced with the challenge of find new, innovative programs for their residents.

As the Grandma of seven, a public speaker and entertainer since age 12, I makes every minute of every class a positive experience. As a small business owner, I know  how busy people are. I have juggled being an entrepreneur, wife, mom and grandma for over forty years.

Whether you are an Activities Director, Park District Manager, or anyone planning meaningful activities for groups of people, my goal is to share my computer, organizational, smart phone and tablet tips and tricks with everyone and to help them keep up with the technology of the 21st century.

Customized Classes are also available.

I promise every Activities Director the same thing: If your members can turn on a computer, smart phone or tablet, I can take them into a uncomplicated, useful world of technology.


Contact me today!

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