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Tutoring and Computer Classes for Seniors


Computer Classes for Seniors –

Keeping Up With Your Grandchildren

These fun computer classes for seniors is are designed to teach you how to use the important, basic tasks on their smart phones, tablets and computers. Unlike most computer classes“Keeping up with Your Grandchildren” focuses on actual tasks such as Face Time, Skype, Sending a picture, opening and saving a picture, texting, saving contacts, using the calendar, and learning the language of Generation Z.

Our computer classes are specially designed classes for seniors, encourage participants  to begin using technology for everyday tasks, losing their tech fears, and surprising family and friends with their new skills. Please check below for current locations.

Question and answer time is a major part of  any computer class for seniors or any age group. The class is very interactive.Each participant receives a complete written overview of the class and section on “tips and tricks” for using what they learn.

Course Topics

  1. Why you need to throw away your fears and embrace technology
  2. Face Time and Skype – Using your tablet or phone to visit with your out of town family or business associates.
  3.  Apps, calendars, contacts and tasks
  4. What else do you want to know? Questions and Answers

We’d love to have you schedule or participate in our computer classes for seniors. Contact us today!

*Current lesson locations: Within 20 miles of Deerfield, Illinois or Naples, Florida. We will be adding other locations soon.

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